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What We Treat...

  • Spine/extremity Injuries
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Weight Loss Issues

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At Clarity Chiropractic & Wellness our goal is to help patients achieve an optimal level of health and happiness!

Just as life is diverse in experience, so are people. We believe in treating patients as the unique and miraculous individuals they are. At Clarity Chiropractic, we employ a mixture of techniques that offer conservative, effective chiropractic, emotional, and nutrional care. We specialize in the following areas: Structure of the human frame including chemical and physical subluxations, emotional blocks to the path of healing, nutrition counseling for optinal physiology, and lifestyle coaching for balance


Meet the Doctor

Like most of the people that have had experience with a chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Luster's chiropractic journey started following a car accident. Like many of you who have had whiplash and low back pain after a car accident, Dr. Luster was in a tremendous amount of pain and went to an MD who prescribed pain killers and said that surgery was necessary. Knowing that pain killers



Hear what our patients have to say about Clarity Chiropractic!

I have been seen by Dr. Dan for years. He is excellent and spends time with his patients to give them the best care possible. He is worth the visit if you would like to be back to your "normal" self again!!

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